Get Ready Space Cadets!

Boostcards is new revolutionary NFT collection with an initial 8,888 art collection followed by another 30,142 only accessible by playing our unique Boostcards game. Our game entitles 10% of winners each game, and those who don't win are given BOOST.

 BOOST is a specially designed TOKEN for Boostcards which allows you to redeem your BOOST token for more of our Boostcards. There are another 30,142 Boostcards that exists only accessible by redeeming our BOOST Tokens.

We created Boost cards, as we were tired of boring uninspired NFT collections on the market and wanted to create real value for the users.

This is the first project of its kind, with an active and passionate team who are all heavily invested in the Solana NFT communities. We hope to bring awesome utility to the JPEG chasing community.


Take A Glimpse Into our artwork


The MINT will be live in April 2022 at 10PM UTC.

the project

8888 unique cards with hand drawn character art will be released during the mint - with 6 boost multiplier attributes that affect their rarity & probability of winning SOL in lotteries.

However, a total of 39030 unique cards form the complete collection.

The other remaining 30,142 can only be attained by users who collect ‘Boost’ from inside the games when they participate. Collecting ‘Boost' will allow you to mint these remaining cards to use them in the game or sell on the secondary market for SOL.


See below example of a card from the 'Hell Deck'

1. Deck Background: HELL

  • Ranked 2nd of 15 total deck themes
  • Boost Value: 3.6x multiplier


  • Boost Value: 1.45x multiplier

3. Card Number: KING

  • Boost Value: 1.92x multiplier

4. Suit and Number Material: DIAMOND

  • Boost Value: 1.5x multiplier

5. Border Material: BLACK

  • Boost Value: 1.1x multiplier

6. Glow: YES

  • Boost Value: 1.5x multiplier


To enter the game users will stake their card in the lottery and their boost value will give them their probability to win.

10% of players will win 9X their initial wager of SOL EACH!

  • Cost to enter: Between 0.5-1.5 SOL (at least 3 games running concurrently) 
  • 10 - 100 players per game.

 Treasury is used to keep the site and lotteries running and pay devs. Can also be used to purchase NFT's to improve the lottery prize pool in the future.

The cards BoostValue range between 1.8x and 34x. Our game theory has been balanced so that better ranked cards win more frequently as you would expect, but even the lowest ranked cards still have a good chance of winning rounds, just less frequently.

If you don't win SOL, you are rewarded with Boost for participating and up-keeping the network, see more below.


During the initial mint of 8888 Cards, there will be 2x cards that are royalty cards that allocate the holder to 0.5% of EVERY GAME EVER RUN! That’s right, simply holding this card in your wallet will provide you direct profits. This passive income is completely unique to the BoostCards Project.

These 2 cards can be sold on the secondary market, however I wouldn’t let this go if you mint it. All you need to do is hold it in your wallet and earn 0.5% of the pool from every game.

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We've been working tirelessly to create a project that will change the NFT space, with the final touches on our hand drawn characters we are excited to MINT in April 2022.

3 days after MINT the first game will launch - allowing our community to
participate and upkeep the network, by playing the game and winning SOL &
earning Boost

Our Dev team is stacked, with interactive skill-based gambling games in development and unique prizes and giveaways on the horizon

We are here for the long run, and strive to build a robust community who are as passionate about this project as we are. Join the discord, we will be letting the community lead the way.

To lower fees for our community, we will build our own specialized marketplace for the transaction of BoostCards.

The final phase - the most interactive and exciting spot in the metaverse:



How can i buy a Boostcards?

Boostcard purchasing happens through our system which can be found at the top of the website. When minting commences, login to the computer with the ‘super secret’ password, connect your wallet and click on ‘mint.exe’. Follow the prompted procedures and BOOM! You’re a fully fledged degenerate Boostcard user.

When is the drop? How much?

The drop date is  April 2022 (follow our social channels for exact times). Mint price, or ‘enrolment fee’) is 1.5 SOL.


Yes, you will be able to mint through Sollet on your mobile. To use Phantom please connect to your computer.


Yes and no. We will be limiting people to 1 Boostcard per transaction. This does mean you can return to the mint section as many times as you want though.

How many traits are in the Deck?

Our decks have a total of 39,030 possible traits with 6 different categories (Background/theme, Card Suit, Card Number, Border, Shimmer, Number Colour). You can see them in all their glory in the traits section of the website. 

Do you have a rarity system?

Yes, rarity is incredibly important to us. So much so that we have designed a trait hierarchy system that lists the traits from ‘Common’ all the way through to ‘Mythic’ and rarity is based on the overall multiplier value of the card, maximum being 10. Each attribute contributes the value and rarity of the card.

WILL there be a secondary market?

Yes, we will be listing on Solanart as soon as we go live so you Boostcard users can trade immediately. We apologise in advance if there are any issues around this as the NFT space on Solana is still very fresh, we will do all we can to make this a seamless experience though. We will look to move over to our own marketplace in the near future

WILL there be a Community Vault?

Yes, we will be placing 10% of our total sales and secondary market royalties into our ‘community vault’. We will look to adjust this number as we get established but this will be used to ensure we have the means to hire the right team/contractors to continue to build and grow the project over time.

Are there secondary sale royalties?

Yes, royalties are set at 4.2%. We will be contributing 10% of this back into the community vault for future academy expansion (subject to review).

Do i own the boostcard after purchasing?

Yes, full intellectual properties are given to the buyer. You can learn more about your rights as a Boostcard holder in our terms section.


The MINT will be live in April 2022 at 10PM UTC.